For People Living with Mental Illness

NAMI Greater Boston
Peer Support and Advocacy Network (PSAN)*

Welcomes You !

We represent the voices of those living with mental illness in the areas of advocacy and thNAMI Advocacy 2016 Michael Timothye development of peer-run supports and services. We seek to educate the public, including the legislature and the Department of Mental Health, about the needs of persons living with mental illness and the importance of a recovery-focused model.

What does “peer” mean?    Those people with shared mental health struggles of one sort or another.   All of PSAN members are peers—this makes us very special.

 LEARN more about local peer groups.NAMIMAConvention2016 Howard Beth

Find SUPPORT with peers at local PSAN meetings.

CALL warm-line or help line.

ATTEND social activities with peers.

*PSAN was formerly NAMI GBCAN

 credit: Carolle Photography