~ Warm Line by  Metro Boston Recovery Learning Centers

Please call: 1-877-733-7563, Hours: 4:00PM to 8:00PM,  7 Days per Week

  • Anonymous callers can speak to people who have experienced the recovery.
  • Trained operators will listen with compassion and assist in finding internal resources and strengths.
  • The operators provide local, state, and national resources.
  • Operators emphasize hope and share examples of personal accomplishment and the achievement of wellness.
  • Metro Boston Recovery Learning Center website

ONLINE resources – For a complete directory of national peer support lines, visit


namiCompass clr

~ Compass Helpline by NAMI Massachusetts

Trained family members and peers are available to answer a wide range of questions, and can refer you to support & education programs as well as other community resources.

  • Please call 617-704-6264 or 1-800-370-9085
  • Please e-mail your questions to:
  • Hours:  Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

Common Questions & Topics Include…

~Support (Peer and Family) ~Police & Legal System ~NAMI Educ. Programs
~How to access treatment ~Housing program ~Substance Use
~Employment Issues ~Managing financial stress ~Discharge Rights
~Transportation ~Insurance Issues ~Benefits
~Youth & Transition


~ Avoid the Emergency Room: Call the local Mobile Crisis Team!